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Magellan Maestro 3100 - North America
  Sophisticated, simple navigation at a remarkable price! The most intuitive graphical touch-screen interface, thin stylish industrial design and hundreds of thousands of preprogrammed points of interest add pleasure to worry-free driving and navigation
Sophisticated and simple - Bold, streamlined touch-screen buttons minimize steps to locate a destination for stress-free navigation

Turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance - Enter virtually any address or point of interest and get there quickly and safely


Precision navigation - SiRFstarIII chipset and integrated multidirectional antennae offer superior GPS accuracy using the Wide Area Augmentation System


Graphical interactive maps - Maps and destinations for the 48 contiguous United States (Alaska or Hawaii not included) are built-in so you can travel the country and always know where you are and where you're going


Birds eye 3D view - Clearly see your surroundings in 3D or 2D


Rechargeable battery - Navigate while driving without plugging the cigarette lighter adapter in


SmartDetour - Customize the settings to automatically route you around sudden slow freeway traffic


Auto Re-route - Never miss a turn and quickly get back on track whenever you take a detour


Auto night view - Adjusts color and contrast for easy night viewing


QuickSpell™ - Easily enter addresses with unique auto-complete feature that even corrects spelling


Complete mobility - Transfer to any vehicle with no installation


750 thousand points of interest (POI) - Easily find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, airports, parks and more with smart location search by name, category and region


Interactive POI icons - Touch an onscreen icon for a nearby destination; see phone number and get an instant route


Customizable route method - Shortest time, shortest distance, least use or most use of freeways, avoid toll roads


Route exclusion - Select streets and freeways to avoid so you can get there on the streets, roads and highways that you prefer


4 helpful views - Map View, 3D map, TrueView™™ 3D split screen and Maneuver List


Address Book - Create and store personal points of interest for easy reoccurring trips


Instant locate - One touch shows your location; quickly advise roadside assistance or emergency services


Optional AC adaptor - Available for purchase at select dealers and at

Magellan Triton 2000
  Amazingly easy to use, it's the next-generation handheld GPS for precision outdoor navigation. Large, full-color display shows maps and data with crystal clear graphics. Rugged and waterproof (IPX-7).



2.7" color touch screen control - The latest touch-screen technology is built in to the large brilliant color display. Control navigation and advanced features with a touch


Amazing ease-of-use - Reinventing handheld GPS™, simple menus, instant access buttons, intuitive keypad and crystal clear graphics let you navigate without the need for a PH.D.


2 MP camera - Take clear beautiful pictures of your adventure as you navigate to attach them to waypoints so you can easily find your way back to the same spot or just to share with family and friends


Voice recorder - Microphone and speaker enable you to record audio notes for waypoints to share with friends and family or easily find your way back next time


Flashlight - Light your way with a powerful LED flashlight. Low power consumption helps maximize battery life.


3-axis electronic compass - Get an accurate compass reading even while standing still and no matter how you hold the unit


Barometer - Sensitive barometric pressure readings offer advance notice of changing weather and assists in providing accurate elevation


SD-card expansion - Use your own SD memory cards to upload unlimited detailed maps and store routes, waypoints, geocaches and more


Built-in maps - Basemap of the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, and Canada (major highways, city centers, bodies of water and more) plus worldwide geographic boundaries


Add detailed maps - Upload optional marine cartography, topographic maps, and more, including the highly-detailed and feature-packed National Geographic Maps to your own SD cards


3-meter accuracy - SiRFstarIII™ chipset and integrated multidirectional antennae offer superior GPS accuracy using the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)


Digital music player - Upload your digital music to your OWN available memory or own SD card and enjoy a customized soundtrack as you explore. Plug in any standard headphones for clear private listening


External antenna connector - Simply plug in an external antenna in your boat or off-road vehicle for enhanced GPS signal reception


Audio jack - Plug in any standard 1/8" headphones to enjoy clear private listening of your digital music, voice notes and other recordings

Magellan RoadMate 1430 - North America
  4.3" wide-touch-screen! Breakthrough price! Get LIVE traffic capability, 6 million Points of Interest and maps of the entire U.S. and Canada in an ultra-thin and complete GPS! Plus, SayWhere™ text-to-speech tells you street names with every turn-by-turn direction.

4.3" WQVGA color touch screen: The large wide-format color touch screen shows your position on the map, route, destination, ETA, surrounding Points of Interest, signal strength, next maneuver, street names and more at a glance.


Magellan TrafficKit™: The integrated traffic receiver with 3-month FREE subscription provides real-time traffic updates. Delay advisories along your route appear on the touch screen with details about the incident. Your Magellan GPS calculates your ETA based on traffic conditions and automatically offers a new route option when there's a quicker way. (Fees apply after introductory period.)


6 million Points of Interest: Easily find what you need. Gas stations, restaurants, hotels, ATMs and hundreds of other businesses and services are intuitively categorized and searchable from the built-in POI database. Most include the phone number.


Expanded NAVTEQ™ maps: Travel the entire U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada with all the maps you need, pre-loaded on the included SD memory card.


SayWhere™ text-to-speech: Hear street names with every voice direction and have a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road.


Intuitive User Interface: Bold, intuitive menu options make it easy to pick destinations and choose how you navigate, without even reading the instructions.


Ultra-thin design: Uniquely stylish and compact, it's easy to transfer your Magellan GPS between vehicles or toss it in a suitcase to take anywhere.


Interactive POI icons: Select the types of services and amenities you'd like to see and interactive icons appear on the map. Touch an icon for a nearby service to see address, phone number (when available) and get an instant route.


Tow truck icon: The convenient "tow-truck icon" shows detailed information about your current location with a single touch so you can provide clear direction to roadside assistance.


Home icon: Program any location into the "Home" button and find your way back from wherever you are.


QuickSpell™: Enter destinations with a few keystrokes. QuickSpell searches locations and checks spelling to provide you with a simple list of available destinations.


SmartDetour™: SmartDetour prompt you to route around suddenly slow or stopped freeway traffic and automatically calculates the quickest detour. No fee or subscription is required!


Birds eye 3D view: Clearly see your surroundings in 2D or 3D.


Auto re-route: Never miss a turn and quickly get back on track whenever you take a detour.


Auto NightView™: Color and contrast adjusts automatically for easy viewing at night.


Customizable route methods: Choose the way you want to navigate to use the most freeways, least freeways, fastest time, shortest distance and avoid toll roads. Exclude specific streets or freeways after a route is calculated to get there the way you want.


Multi-destination routing: Select up to 20 destinations and choose the order to plan a trip in advance and repeat the same trip again. Easily reorganize, add or remove destinations.


Address Book: Create and save personal Points of Interest for easy reoccurring trips.


Rechargeable battery: Navigate up to 3 hours when power is unavailable.

Centrality Atlas™ III: The Centrality Atlas III processor with integrated GPS receiver provides superior GPS performance for accurate and reliable positioning and navigation within three meters.

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